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All the construction activities of the Lakshadweep Administration and other central government organizations Such as IB, Meteorological Dept. etc are under taken by Lakshadweep Public Works Department

The Public works department functions under the Lakshadweep Administration and its Head office is located at Kvaratti. The Superintending Engineer is the Head of the department. There are One Circle, three Divisions and twelve Sub-divisions under this department. An Architectural&Town and Country planning wing also factions under the Circle office. The total islands of Lakshadweep are considered as a circle , which is divided in to three Divisions headed by Executive Engineers , to provide easy access the divisions are further divided in to sub divisions under the Assistant Engineers located in each inhabited islands except Bitra. The circle headed by Superintending Engineer .

We are committed to render highest standards of service to you. This charter sets out the standards for various services so as to improve our service to you. The following are the various fields of public services rentered by this Department.

There are Dack Bungalows in all the islands and one each Rest houses at Kavaratti & Amini , In addition to this there is a Circuit house, a Single officers barrack and an Annex to Govt. house in the capital island of Kavaratti which are managed by LPWD Sub divisions in the respective islands including the allotment of rooms. But Room allotment to Circuit house, Annex to Govt. House and rest house at Kavaratti is done by Protocol Department. Both A/C and Non A/C rooms are available. Kavaratti - Agatti 4 Bangaram - Andrott 2 Kalpeni 2 Minicoy 8 Kadmath 2 Amini 2 Chetlath 2 Kiltan 2 Bitra - Delhi 24

  • The government quarters is allotted to the Government employees who are working in a different place other than there Home town. There are Local accommodation Boards (LAB) for the allotments of quarters in each islands , in addition to this there is a Central Accommodation Board (CAB) as an appellant authority at the capital island of Kavaratti . The CAB is also responsible for the allotment of Type IV and V quarters at Kavaratti. The Superintending Engineer is the member secretary of CAB.
  • The Assistant Engineer Or Junior Engineer LPWD in each island is the member secretary of the Local Accommodation board.
  • Application forms are issued free of cost in the respective Offices of the Assistant Engineers/Junior Engineer concerned in the respective islands. Filled application forms must be submitted to the member secretary through the Head of office of the Employee.
  • The allotment will be made when and where a vacancy comes . The board will consider the eligibility of each application in hand at the time of vacancy and will issue allotment orders.
  • The complaints related to allotments will be received by the secretary CAB.
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